WoCommerce apply coupon automatically to the cart for specific products

If you are running Woocommerce store and provide frequent discounts to your customer, you may want to apply coupon code to the cart automatically on specific day/days of the week.

This is a great way to sky rocket your sales on a specific day of week and you can attract more customer by giving them best deals. Your customer need not to remember any coupon code, they know if they will buy products let’s say on any Saturday they will get particular discount for a selected products with given Qty.

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WooCommerce Display Coupon on Checkout page only

There are times when you would like to display coupon field only on Checkout page. Below snippet will hide coupon fields on Cart page and display it only on Checkout page. Copy and paste this snippet to functions.php file

WooCommerce Hide or Disable Coupons

At times specially after festive season you may want to temporary hide or disable coupons. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: You can disable coupon from WooCommerce settings Page.
Uncheck “Enable the use of coupons” checkbox as given in below screenshot.

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